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Tema: Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

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    Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

    Cannibal Corpse – ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ (TOMB OF THE MUTILATED, 1992)
    Arch Enemy – ‘We Will Rise’ (ANTHEMS OF REBELLION, 2003)
    Death – ‘Crystal Mountain’ (SYMBOLIC, 1995)
    Amon Amarth – ‘Pursuit Of Vikings’ (FATE OF NORNS, 2004)

    Vader – ‘Carnal’ (BLACK TO THE BLIND, 1997)
    Sepultura – ‘Arise’ (ARISE, 1991)
    Carcass – ‘Heartwork’ (HEARTWORK, 1993)
    In Flames – ‘Only For The Weak’ (CLAYMAN, 2000)
    Kataklysm – ‘In Shadows And Dust’ (SHADOWS & DUST, 2002)

    Behemoth – ‘Christians To The Lions’ (THELEMA.6, 2000)
    Decapitated – ‘Winds Of Creation’ (WINDS OF CREATION, 2000)
    At The Gates – ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ (SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL, 1995)
    Morbid Angel – ‘Rapture’ (COVENANT, 1993)
    Obituary – ‘Slowly We Rot’ (SLOWLY WE ROT, 1989)
    Opeth – ‘The Drapery Falls’ (BLACKWATER PARK, 2001)
    Children Of Bodom – ‘Deadnight Warrior’ (SOMETHING WILD, 1997)
    Nile – ‘Black Seeds Of Vengeance’ (BLACK SEEDS OF VENGEANCE, 2000)
    Bloodbath – ‘Eaten’ (NIGHTMARES MADE FLESH, 2004)
    Deicide – ‘Once Upon The Cross’ (ONCE UPON THE CROSS, 1995)
    Hypocrisy – ‘Roswell 47’ (ABDUCTED, 1996)
    Entombed – ‘Left Hand Path’ (LEFT HAND PATH, 1990)
    Dark Tranquillity - 'Punish My Heavens' (THE GALLERY, 1995)
    Six Feet Under – ‘Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane’ (MAXIMUM VIOLENCE, 1999)
    Bolt Thrower – ‘World Eater’ (REALM OF CHAOS, 1989)
    Vital Remains – ‘Dechristianize’ (DECHRISTIANIZE, 2003)
    The Black Dahlia Murder – ‘Funeral Thirst’ (UNHALLOWED, 2003)
    Neaera – ‘Where Submission Reigns’ (THE RISING TIDE OF OBLIVION, 2005)
    Paradise Lost – ‘As I Die’ (SHADES OF GOD, 1992)
    Necrophagist – ‘Only Ash Remains’ (EPITAPH, 2004)
    Napalm Death – ‘Siege Of Power’ (SUFFER THE CHILDREN, 1990, EP)
    Job For A Cowboy – ‘Entombment Of A Machine’ (DOOM, 2005)
    Cynic – ‘Veil Of Maya’ (FOCUS, 1993)
    All Shall Perish – ‘Wage Slaves’ (THE PRICE OF EXISTENCE, 2006)
    Belphegor – ‘Lucifer Incestus’ (LUCIFER INCESTUS, 2003)
    Dissection – ‘Night’s Blood’ (STORM OF THE LIGHT’S BANE, 1995)
    Dismember – ‘Override The Overture’ (LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM, 1991)
    Amorphis – ‘Black Winter Day’ (TALES FROM THE TOUSAND LAKES, 1994)
    Unleashed – ‘Death Metal Victory’ (WARRIOR, 1997)
    Suffocation – ‘Liege Of Inveracity’ (EFFIGY OF THE FORGOTTEN, 1991)
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – ‘Unter der Asche’ (ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, 2000)
    Grave – ‘Soulless’ (SOULLESS, 1994)
    Soilwork – ‘Mercury Shadows’ (NATURAL BORN CHAOS, 2002)
    Dying Fetus – ‘Schematics’ (STOP AT NOTHING, 2003)
    Anathema – ‘Sleepless’ (SERENADES, 1993)
    Tiamat – ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ (CLOUDS, 1992)
    Thrown To Belial – ‘Destined To Rot’
    Illdisposed – ‘Near The Gates’ (THERE’S SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE SATE OF DENMARK, 1997)
    Atheist – ‘Piece Of Time’ (PIECE OF TIME, 1990)

    Gorefest – ‘Erase’ (ERASE, 1994)
    Pestilence – ‘Twisted Truth’ (TESTIMONY OF THE ANCIENTS, 1991)
    Asphyx – ‘The Rack’ (THE RACK, 1991)
    Aborted – ‘Dead Wreckoning’ (THE ARCHAIC ABATTOIR, 2005)
    Terrorizer – ‘Fear Of Napalm’ (WORLD DOWNFALL, 1989)
    My Dying Bride – ‘The Crown Of Sympathy’ (TURN LOOSE THE SWANS, 1993) Massacre – ‘From Beyond’ (FROM BEYOND, 1991)
    Despised Icon – ‘In The Arms Of Perdition’ (THE ILLS OF MODERN MAN, 2007)
    Origin – ‘The Aftermath’ (ANTITHESIS, 2008)
    Krisiun – ‘Conquerors Of Armageddon’ (CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON, 2000)
    Hate Eternal – ‘King Of All Kings’ (KING OF ALL KINGS, 2002)
    The Haunted – ‘Hate Song’ (THE HAUNTED, 1998)

    Devourment – ‘Babykiller’ (BUTCHER THE WEAK, 2006)
    Debauchery – ‘Blood For The Bloodgod’ (RAGE OF THE BLOODBEAST, 2004) Misery Index – ‘Conquistadores’ (DISCORDIA, 2006)
    Pungent Stench – ‘For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh’ (FOR GOD YOUR SOUL… FOR ME YOUR FLESH, 1990)
    Malevolent Creation – ‘The Will To Kill’ (THE WILL TO KILL, 2002)
    Morgoth – ‘Under The Surface’ (ODIUM, 1993)
    Cryptopsy – ‘Emaciate’ (WHISPER SUPREMACY, 1998)

    Edge Of Sanity – ‘Black Tears’ (PURGATORY AFTERGLOW, 1994)
    Hatesphere – ‘The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood’ (THE SICKNESS WITHIN, 2005)
    Immolation – ‘Those Left Behind’ (DAWN OF POSSESSION, 1991)

    Benediction – ‘Nightfear’ (TRANSCEND THE RUBICON, 1993)
    Fleshgore – ‘Obtrusion’ (MAY GOD STRIKE ME DEAD, 2006)
    Zyklon – ‘World Ov Worms’ (WORLD OV WORMS, 2001)
    Skinless – ‘The Optimist’ (FORESHADOWING OUR DEMISE, 2001)
    The Crown – ‘Total Satan’ (DEATHRACE KING, 2000)
    Evocation – ‘Silence Sleep’ (DEAD CALM CHAOS, 2008)
    Fleshcrawl – ‘As Blood Rains From The Sky…’ (AS BLOOD RAINS FROM THE SKY… WE WALK THE PATH OF ENDLESS FIRE, 2000)
    Annotations Of An Autopsy – ‘Welcome To Sludge City’ (WELCOME TO SLUDGE CITY, 2007, EP)
    Autopsy – ‘Acts Of The Unspeakable’ (ACTS OF THE UNSPEAKABLE, 1992)
    Carnal Forge – ‘Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged’ (PLEASE… DIE!, 2001)
    Mortician – ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, 1998, EP)
    Atrocity – ‘Blut’ (BLUT, 1994)
    The Berzerker – ‘Heavily Medicated’ (ANIMOSITY, 2007)
    Vomitory – ‘Revelation Nausea’ (REVELATION NAUSEA, 2001)
    The Duskfall – ‘Source’ (SOURCE, 2003)
    Anima – ‘The Daily Grind’ (THE DAILY GRIND, 2008)
    Angelcorpse – ‘Sons Of Vengeance’ (EXTERMINATE, 1998)
    God Dethroned – ‘The Warcult’ (INTO THE LUNGS OF HELL, 2003)
    Panzerchrist – ‘Roomservice’ (ROOMSERVICE, 2003)
    Cancer – ‘Cancer Fucking Cancer’ ’ (TO THE GORY END, 1990)
    Macabre – ‘Zodiac: Identity Unknown’ (SINISTER SLAUGHTER, 1993)
    Unanimated – ‘Life Demise’ (ANCIENT GOD OF EVIL, 1994)
    Disgorge (US) – ‘She Lay Gutted’ (SHE LAY GUTTED, 1997)
    Grotesque – ‘Blood Runs From The Altar’ (INCANTATION, 1990, EP)
    Gorguts – ‘Condemned To Obscurity’ (THE EROSION OF SANITY, 1993)
    Brodequin – ‘Slaves To The Pyre’ (METHODS OF EXECUTION, 2006)
    Nightrage – ‘The Glow Of The Setting Sun’ (SWEET VENGEANCE, 2003)
    Iniquity – ‘The Bullet’s Breath’ (GRIME, 2002)
    Repulsion – ‘Maggots In Your Coffin’ (HORRIFIED, 1989)
    Sinister – ‘Sense Of Demise’ (DIABOLICAL SUMMONING, 1993)
    Nocturnus – ‘Alter Reality’ (THRESHOLDS, 1992)
    Konkhra – ‘The Dying Art’ (SEXUAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER, 1993)
    Haemorrhage – ‘Mortuary Riot’ (MORGUE SWEET HOME, 2002)
    Carnage – ‘Infestation Of Evil’ (DARK RECOLLECTIONS, 1990)
    Satanic Slaughter – ‘We Are The Bringers Of Armageddon’ (BANISHED TO THE UNDERWORLD, 2002)
    Incantation – ‘Christening The Afterbirth’ (ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA, 1992)
    Waco Jesus – ‘Filth’ (FILTH, 2003)
    Master – ‘America The Pitiful’ (ON THE 7th DAY GOD CREATED… MASTER, 1992)
    Defleshed – ‘Royal Straight Flesh’ (ROYAL STRAIGHT FLESH, 2002)
    Goratory – ‘Anally Injected Death Sperm’ (RICE ON SUEDE, 2004)
    Detonation – ‘Sword-Carved Skin’ (AN EPIC DEFIANCE, 2003)

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    Re: Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

    Pala mierda que tal chamba, lo que si no creo es que esten en orden de merito, seria recontra pendejo que We will rise sea la segunda mejor, nicagando pues. Falto por hay alguna cancion de Aeon.

    Only death metal is real...

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    Re: Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

    "As I Die" de PARADISE LOST death metal? un temazo, brillante y perfecto, pero nica es death, al igual que un par que no sé si ameritan estar en la descripción de este género.

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    Re: Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

    Los Listados y rankings son referencias que nunca se van a ajustar al gusto personal de cada uno, y siempre van a ser objeto de discusión y polémica, igualmente sirven.
    "Sin música la vida sería un error." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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    Re: Mejores 111 Canciones de DEATH METAL (elegidos por la revista Metal Hammer).

    Hay varias bandas que no tienen reconocimiento en otros lados, me parece bien, pero debieron escoger otros temas en el caso de Behemoth, Carcass, Decapitated y otros más.

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